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The brain behind House of Anna Couture and Accessories is God Almighty, using the hands and the mind of Oluwaseyi Hannah Oyediran originally from Nigeria, West Africa. Her passion to create and design started at an early age of 8. Her late father of (blessed memory), was her mentor. She got lots of inspirations from him. She learnt the most important things in design early in life; which was having eye for color and paying extreme attention to details. He was a very good sketch artist and . She grew up as Designer’s daughter. Her desire to look good was more than creating the look. As she flourished into her teenage years and to adulthood, she continued to exhibit a great interest in sketching and drawing but not professionally. After she got married to the love of her life in 2004 she was fully passionate about designing but not in apparel.

In 2005 she started her own Millinery business, creating and designing church hats, headpieces, bridal accessories, corsages, and brooches e.t.c. Her relocation from Nigeria to the US with her family proved to be destined by God. After moving from Atlanta to Dallas, she decided to go fully into fashion design. One of her mentors, Lyza Faye encouraged her to enroll in the fashion design program at El Centro College; a College under Dallas County Community College in Texas USA. Oluwaseyi established her fashion business named “House of Anna Couture and Accessories" in 2016. House of Anna Couture and Accessories are experts in their craft. They make CRISP, TRENDY and FRESH custom-made apparel for women using SLEEK and FINE quality fabrics, adding flair for originality in their conceptual designs, we bring ELEGANCE and POISE to your style.